Pinning down Financial Crime with the Founders of Salv and Resistant AI

Financial fraud is everywhere: in action movies, history books, and, yes, in our day-to-day lives in companies small and large. According to a 2020 PwC study, 56% of companies in the UK surveyed had experienced fraud, corruption, or economic crime in the past 24 months. This is well above the global finding of 47%. At Seedcamp, we are lucky to have two companies in our portfolio tackling this important and growing issue: Salv, an anti-money laundering platform for banks & fintechs, and Resistant AI, a software solution protecting automated decisions against evolving online fraud.

Today, we are joined by their founders and CEOs, Taavi Tamkivi and Martin Rehak, respectively. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear their thoughts on the ever-expanding issue of financial crime and how their startups are tackling it in distinctive ways.

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