Reboot’s Jerry Colonna on What Makes the Best CEOs and How to Foster More Empathetic and Effective Leadership

The latest episode of This Much I Know is an in-depth exploration of leadership, personal growth, and the transformative power of understanding one’s own history and motivations.

Carlos’s guest, Jerry Colonna, Co-founder and CEO of Reboot, shares his journey from being a venture capitalist to becoming an executive coach, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and human connection in business and personal development. His reflections on the challenges and complexities of leadership are interwoven with personal anecdotes, and the painful but enlightening process of self-discovery he experienced.

Carlos and Jerry discuss the societal implications of leadership decisions, the moral and ethical responsibilities of leaders in today’s world, and the potential for venture capital to contribute positively to societal challenges. Central to the conversation is the concept of “Reunion,” derived from Jerry Colonna’s eponymous book, highlighting the necessity for leaders to confront their own pasts and the “othering” that divides people, to foster more empathetic and effective leadership.


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