Regenerative Farming: Harmonising Environmental and Financial Incentives

In this Seedcamp Deep Dive, Carlos speaks with author and farmer Sarah Langford and Sward’s Co-founder and CEO Reuben Saxon about the crucial role of regenerative farming in food supply and carbon capture. Carlos kicks the conversation off with an insightful review of Sarah’s upcoming book “Rooted: Stories of Life, Land and a Farming Revolution.” They also trace the evolution of farming in the UK from the post-war era to Brexit and the current generational shift in farming.

They are later joined by Reuben Saxon, co-founder and CEO of Sward, a startup enabling farmers to take control over their natural capital assets alongside their stewardship and food production. Together they discuss the digitization of agriculture, harmonising financial and environmental incentives, and how young farmers embrace technology to increase productivity and connect with fellow farmers globally.

Tune in to learn about the importance of natural capital and why regenerative farming plays a pivotal role in a more sustainable future.

Show notes:

Carlos Espinal –

Sarah Langford –

Reuben Saxon – linkedin/reuben-alexander-saxon

Seedcamp –

Sarah Langford’s book “Rooted: Stories of Life, Land and a Farming Revolution” –…tion/dp/0241503744

Sward –


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