Sach Kukadia, Co-founder & CEO of Secret Sales, on category innovation and the power of brand

You can’t grow your business when you are super prudent – Sach Kukadia, co-founder and CEO at Secret Sales, the members-only shopping club that provides its users with exclusive access to discounted designer brands.

Willingness to take risks has been a key component of Sach’s journey, from building a radio station in his early years to creating Secret Sales, the business he co-founded with his brother in 2007. A true family affair, the Kukadia brothers were inspired by their father and his work with major fashion brands, including the likes of Pepe Jeans, to launch Secret Sales – the first ever private online shopping club.

In conversation with Carlos, Sach discusses the importance of brand and why excessive discounting can be “worse than burning inventory”, along with the highs and lows from over a decade of running Secret Sales and how they managed to overcome one of their biggest business challenges and yet retain profitability. Sach also walks us through his unique experience of buying back a controlling stake in the business a year after having sold to Excalibur Group.

Tune in to learn more about building a brand, fundraising and navigating macro socio-economic challenges.

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