Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 95: The Legal Tech Sector explored with Tom Wilson

In this episode, Seedcamp Partner Carlos was joined by our very own Tom Wilson, a qualified UK Lawyer and member of the Seedcamp Investment Team. Together, they took a deep dive into the Legal Tech sector, an area that Tom is particularly passionate about given his past experience (and headaches) as a lawyer prior to joining Seedcamp.

We touched upon defining the Legal Tech sector and the various sub sectors that make up the legal eco-system. We went on to discuss some of the topics that are making the Legal Tech space so interesting right now including: a push for increased transparency, tech solutions focused on the automation of processes (i.e. NLP etc.), the maturing ecosystem, the generational shift and more broadly the innovation (i.e.AI etc.) and areas of our interest taking place right now in legal services.

Show notes from the episode:

Seedcamp x Nextlaw Labs partnered to invest in Legal Tech startups – Tom’s blog post on the sector –

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