Seedcamp Podcast: Retail Week – Richard Liu, Founder of DSPTCH

In the ‘Seedcamp Podcast Series’, we talk with key people in the tech startup industry to hear their stories, key advice and learnings from their experiences.

This episode, it’s a special on retail!

This week we’re sharing a short series for anyone who’s ever wanted the inspiration, knowledge and insight into what it’s like to build a retail business online.

This podcast is an oldie from the Seedcamp podcast, but still a goodie. Richard Liu, an ex-Paypal and LinkedIn team member, was one of our earlier interviewees. Carlos joined Richard to talk about why he decided to pursue his passion and build a brand around what he needed, and we had the chance to catch up with him and hear how he went from desk jockey to brand jockey in the process.

DSPTCH is a bag, case and accessory manufacturing company based in San Francisco. Their products focus on taking military and tactical functionality and reapplying it to consumer travel bags and accessories.

If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can also listen directly from our Soundcloud page.

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