Simon Beckerman, founder of Depop, on community building for Gen Z

This week Carlos is joined by Simon Beckerman, founder of Depop, the leading app for Gen Z shoppers boasting 16 million users, nearly 20 million items listed on the platform, and around one million active users per day. Depop is where the world’s creatives come to buy, sell and discover the most inspiring and unique things. In conversation with Carlos, Simon shares what sparked the business idea and how it became one of the fastest-growing communities.

Prior to founding Depop, Simon immersed himself in industrial design and arts but eventually decided to steer towards entrepreneurship. Simon shares with Carlos the advice he would give to his younger self in the early days of Depop.

Tune in to discover how Simon overcame the early challenges in community building, when is the right time to hand the stewardship of a community to the community itself, and how and when to move aside as a founder and hire your first CEO.

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