Simplifying finance — How TaxScouts & Plum are making money work for everyone

The world of financial services is changing. From managing taxes to saving for retirement, the way in which we manage our money is being disrupted from all angles. And for good reason — a 2019 survey by the World Economic Forum found that only 28 percent of millennials and Gen Zs trust their banks to be ‘fair and honest’. The dissatisfaction with traditional financial institutions has led to a wave of consumers looking to fintechs for a better service.

Seedcamp portfolio company TaxScouts is providing a stress-free alternative to Self Assessment tax returns by combining admin automation with certified accountants for a low cost, fixed fee of £119 – a fraction of the cost of traditional accountants. Plum, in its own words, gives banks a brain. Through its AI-powered assistant, Plum helps customers set aside money, invest, and save on bills.

In our most recent episode of This Much I Know, Carlos is joined by the founders of TaxScouts and Plum, Mart Abramov – aka ‘Tram’ – and Victor Trokoudes, to share insights on how their respective companies are making money work for everyone. Both Transferwise alumni, Tram and Victor talk about their routes to founderhood and debate their views on the re- (or de-) bundling of finance.

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