Sitar Teli – Partner at Connect Ventures, on investing in Product-Led companies and founders

In the latest podcast, Sitar of Connect Ventures talks to Carlos Espinal about the issue of growth in startups. They discuss the importance of Product focus and User Experience including their impact on virality.

After completing her studies at Duke University and a brief work experience in Investment Banking, Sitar decided to move into the early stages of Venture Capital. This lead to her to go against her initial plan and move to the UK to join the well known Doughty Hanson where she lead investments including Soundcloud. Along the way, Sitar got to meet her current partners at Connect ventures and soon enough discovered that they shared the same long term vision for the company which resulted in Sitar joining in as a Managing Partner.

With investments in both Citymapper and Typeform, Sitar also shares her view on why product focus is such a key differentiator for Connect Ventures.

If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can also listen directly from our Soundcloud page.

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