Sonali De Rycker, General Partner at Accel on spotting startup talent and lessons learned from Nordic culture

There’s no ‘blueprint’ for how to spot a great startup says Sonali De Rycker, General Partner at Accel, one of the world’s leading venture capital funds with investments in the likes of Facebook, Spotify and Supercell to name but a few. Sonali joined Accel almost a decade ago from Atlas Ventures and is an expert in consumer, software and financial services businesses.

Starting out at Goldman Sachs, described as both a rewarding yet challenging environment to be in, Sonali shares the story of her early career before getting ‘the bug’ to work in VC in Europe. Speaking with Seedcamp Managing Partner, Carlos Espinal, Sonali talks about the distinct lack of companies in London when she started out and how the ecosystem has evolved over the years.

Tune in to hear insider information from Sonali on how best to run a scaling startup including information on boards, the need to listen – and not always fight to be heard – along with tips on fundraising and setting milestones.

Learn more about the culture in the Nordics and why there’ve been so many successful companies to emerge from the region along with Sonali’s guiding belief that people create their own destiny.

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