The Future of Healthcare with Dr Anna Hushlak co-founder, Ferly & Hamish Grierson co-founder, Thriva

What role do health-tech startups play in the future in providing integrated and holistic healthcare systems? How can we use the bio-psycho-social model through the lenses of sexual well-being to create openness and to de-stigmatize one of the most fundamental and topics of our lives – sex.

In this week’s episode of This Much I Know, Carlos is joined by Dr Anna Hushlak and Hamish Grierson. Anna is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Ferly, whose vision is to radically transform society’s relationship with sex – from how we think about it to how we have it. Hamish is the co-founder and CEO of Thriva, who are on a mission to empower millions of people with simple and affordable tools to easily understand and track their internal health data by providing personalized at-home finger-prick blood tests and medical advice.

Tune in to hear Anna and Hamish discussing the challenges of building credibility around new technology and blood collection techniques as a startup, the challenges of creating trust and openness in the fundamentally private and personal environment that is sex, how one defines what ‘good’ sexual and mental wellbeing is, and dissecting their lessons learned and tips to founders launching health-tech startups.

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