The future of legal services with Legit Patents and JAG Shaw Baker

What does the advent of artificial intelligence spell for the future of legal services and lawyers themselves? On that topic Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal is joined by founder and CEO Matt Osman of Legit Patents, the startup building AI-powered applications to automate parts of the R&D process, and Neil Miller, Partner at JAG Shaw Baker and formerly General Counsel at SoundCloud.

“The lawyer of the future is going to look much closer to a combination of a strategic advisor, an account manger, and someone in charge of customer support,” suggests Matt, pointing to the recent phenomenon of law schools incorporating coding into their studies. “Quite a lot of their job will be interpreting and packaging the results that are produced by software.”

Meanwhile Neil describes which aspects of the legal process will be automated first – including much of the grunt work currently performed by paralegals and associates. Yet he notes there are services which will be immune, including family law which ‘requires a level of empathy you won’t get with AI’.

Speaking about his experiences at JAG Shaw Baker and SoundCloud, Neil also provides a 101 on legal basics for startups and ‘the things that become more complicated if you don’t fix them early on,’ from incorporation, cap tables and granting options, to keeping track of open source libraries and rights associated with them.

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