The future of personal health – live panel at Seedcamp Breakthrough 2019

Last month we launched ‘Breakthrough‘ an interactive event showcasing a cross-section of companies gearing up to raise their Series A in front of a packed room of growth stage investors.

As well as hearing from select companies across everything from distributed computing to using advanced scanning technology for early-cancer detection, Carlos also hosted a number of panels to dive deeper into sectors where we’re seeing particularly advanced innovation and where we’re making a high number of investments.

HealthTech is an area we’ve been particularly interested in and proactively investing across for many years now. Carlos sat down with a cross-section of founders we’ve backed across the sector including Lina Chan, Co-founder of Adia Health; Hamish Grierson, Co-Founder of Thriva and Diego Cantor, Co-founder of Ezra to discuss everything from proactive versus reactive healthcare, the disconnect between mental and physical health, empowered patients, and the importance of integration with current healthcare systems.

Tune in to hear how founders think the evolution of healthcare will look like in two years time.

If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can also listen directly from our Soundcloud page.

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