The Power of Communities in Early Stage Startups

In the latest Seedcamp Deep DiveCarlos is joined by Kyran Schmidt, co-founder of Outverse, a community-first solutions platform; Jonathan Reimer, co-founder of, a developer data platform; and our Partner Sia Houchangnia

They discuss:

– the importance of community-building for tech startups;

– why intentionality and fostering a sense of belonging in community development are essential;

– types of communities namely product and practitioner communities;

– challenges, and strategies in creating and managing communities ;

– the community tech stack and specific tools (e.g., Discord, WhatsApp); 

– key success metrics and budget management considerations; 

– and more.

Tune in on your favourite platform! 


00:38 – Introduction to the Power of Communities

06:47 The Role of Community in Product-Led Growth

18:02 Defining Community and Its Importance

26:28 Managing Community Dynamics: Heroes vs Nutters

28:50 The Importance of Community Culture

29:43 Building, Designing and Scaling Community 

33:49 Community Segmentation and Success Metrics

37:49 The Role of Founders in Community Building

57:47 Community Building: Tool Stack and Budgeting

1:05:31 Concluding Thoughts on Community Building

Show Notes:

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Kyran Schmidt –

Sia Houchangnia –

Carlos Espinal – –

Outverse –

Seedcamp –


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