Thomas Kristensen, Principal at LGT Capital Partners on how to invest in Venture Capital funds

In this week’s episode of This Much I Know, Carlos speaks to Thomas Kristensen, Principal at LGT Capital Partners on how Venture Capitalists secure capital into their funds and how decisions are made from an Asset Manager’s perspective. Kristensen reflects on his 14 years of experience at LGT, saying that Asset Managers invest in VC funds as it’s an exciting investment for them. If they do exceptionally well, the opportunity could produce outsized returns as well as keep investors afloat of latest technologies and business models that are being disrupted. He also lays out the criteria LGT assess before making investments into VC funds which, like venture investment decisions focus on the ‘people’ who deploy the capital and whether they have the proven capability of ‘sniffing out $10 billion valuation companies’. Tune in to hear more about the structure of funds, how they work and the expectations around what makes a Venture Capital fund attractive from an investment perspective.

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