What you can expect from Seedcamp VI

Welcome to Seedcamp VI! We are incredibly excited to invest at the earliest stage in the next 100 most ambitious European companies, from Angel to Seed rounds.

The power of Seedcamp truly comes from the impact and reach of the ever-growing Seedcamp Nation. Now with a portfolio of 460+ companies, including 9 unicorns that span different sectors and originate from all over the Continent, our belief that European entrepreneurs can compete on a global scale has never been truer.

If you’re looking for pre-seed funding, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you’re building.

In this special episode of This Much I Know, our leadership team shares what you can expect from Fund VI. Tune in on your favourite podcast platform or on Youtube!

Show Notes:

Seedcamp VI Announcement: seedcamp.com/introducing-seedcamp-v/

Looking for Funding?: seedcamp.com/looking-for-funding/

Seedcamp: seedcamp.com

Fundraising pitch deck: sdca.mp/SeedcampVI_Deck  

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