Will Beeson, Co-founder of CivilisedBank, on the future of fintech

Will Beeson is one of the founding members of CivilisedBank, a new challenger fintech business bringing together people and technology to help UK companies do business and people save money with an overall mission to make banking more civilised. In this podcast, Will shares his journey from investment banking into fintech with stops in New York, London and Rome along the way.

It was in Italy, where Will worked on transforming a paper-based underwriting operation into something fit for the 21st century and became fascinated with the potential impact of technology on financial services. In addition to his role in CivilisedBank, Will investigates the future of financial services through hosting the Rebank podcast, where he tackles topics ranging from consumer banking to roboadvisory. Tune in to hear his thoughts on the challenges ahead and where impact is yet to be made in the financial sector.

On one of the hottest segments of the market, consumer banking, Will notes: “We have seen the marketing and user acquisition side, but I feel that the natural next step has to be the lending model component of banking. I don’t see long-term success for retail or business banks, who don’t leverage lending as a core component of what they are doing.”

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