Prepping for Seedcamp

As Seedcamp has been going around Europe, besides the refrain heard by Mike Butcher of Techcrunch , we hear over and over again that business and tech skilled people are having a very difficult time finding each other. Seeing this need combined with the fact that Seedcamp season is upon us, we’re putting together a few events to help teams get in shape. The first is Seedcamp Tech-Dating, organized by Antony Evans (a Seedcamp aspirant and a MBA transformed developer in training)…

Successful start-ups require a diverse set of skills in the founding team, but the truth is that most people know lots of other people who are good at the same things as they are. Developers need business people to help refine their business plan, business people may have a brilliant idea but no idea how to execute it technically (yes, we know the outsourcing model doesn’t work!!) and everybody needs it to look good.

Finding people with complementary skills to put together a kick-ass team is tough, which is why we came up with the idea for this event. Much like speed-dating, Seedcamp tech-dating will give you the chance to network with developers, designers and the biz-dev guys. You will have three minutes to pitch yourself to the other groups, share who you are, what you are great at and why you want to do a startup. At the end of the evening there will be time to sink a few beers and you tell us (confidentially) who you felt a connection with and if they match up with you we share your contact details.Then its up to you to meet up, figure out if you guys can really work together and off you go!!

So if you want to do a start-up, and are looking for team-mates, this is the place to come to.

Registration (its free) takes place on eventbrite:

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