Prince Constantijn, Oscar Kneppers & Ton van’t Noordende on startups & investing in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is fast becoming one of Europe’s major tech hubs with American technology giants Uber, Netflix and Tesla choosing the country for its European base; not to mention domestic success stories such as TomTom and But what features underlie the country’s success and what challenges does the Netherlands face in growing its startup ecosystem?

On that topic, Carlos speaks to three veterans of the Dutch ecosystem: Prince Constantijn van Oranje, startup envoy for Startup Delta – the Dutch support program that boosts the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands – alongside serial entrepreneur and Rockstart Founder, Oscar Kneppers and Ton van ‘t Noordende, Venture Partner at the seed and early-stage investors Keadyn as they discuss company building and what makes the Netherlands an attractive destination for startups and venture capital.

Tune in to understand how the Netherlands’ small size naturally builds an appetite for platform and marketplace-based companies like 3D Hubs which, by default, must scale by expanding abroad – and how one of biggest challenges the ecosystem faces is its fragmentation.

Learn also how to build a company, why flexibility, resilience and execution power are crucial in teams, and which sector the country’s own version of the ‘Paypal Mafia’ is likely to come from.

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