Quick-pitch round-table: win a spot on the Seedcamp short-list

Pitching, for better or worse, is a fact of start-up life. Whether you’re scrambling to impress a single investor in the proverbial elevator or showing your demo to an audience of thousands, you’ve got to be able to inform, convince, and entertain (or at the very least, hold their attention) within some tight constraints. And believe it or not, structuring your ideas into those constraints will actually help you to think more clearly about your business as a whole.

So we’re going to try something here at the Seedcamp blog: a quick-pitch round-table using our Disqus-powered Seesmic video comments. Think of it as a way to get peer-feedback and low-risk practice so that when it does matter you’ll be prepared.

The rules:

  1. Keep it under two minutes
  2. Use aids (visual or otherwise) if you’d like, but don’t use them as a crutch (hard to set up a screencast in an elevator, after all)
  3. Keep the feedback constructive

One important note: while this is an informal exercise in which anyone can participate it’s also tied in with our Seedcamp application process. We’ll hold one spot in our short-listed interview day for the best video pitch, as voted by you, the audience in a poll we’ll post after the deadline (we’re figuring out the voting mechanism, presently, but will get back to you). The deadline is the end of day (GMT) Wednesday, August 6th.

That’s it – just leave your pitches in the comments below.

UPDATE: the competition is now closed. Congrats to, our winner.

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