Recurse ML raises £2.5M to build machine learning models for large codebase maintenance

Code maintenance accounts for around 30% of all software engineering time spent globally. Especially in big enterprises that have custom systems and many repositories with 1000s of lines of code, 100k+ Java files, software engineers face the gargantuan task of understanding how these interlock or using a reinforcement learning model to understand it. 

This is why we are excited to partner with Recurse ML, a UK-based startup on a mission to fully abstract mundane tasks (e.g. complex refactors or cleaning up old tech debt) away from software engineers. 

Founders Jack Jackson and Armins Stepanjans, met at Entrepreneur First in London in September 2023. They both have strong engineering backgrounds and are deeply passionate about helping software engineers push the boundaries of what’s possible unencumbered by bottlenecks –  Jack read for a DPhil in Cyber Security from the University of Oxford before suspending it to found Recurse ML and Armins earned an MPhil with distinction from the University of Cambridge.

Recurse ML’s vision is to create a new programming paradigm, where codebase maintenance is fully abstracted away from developers by ML agents. Built for enterprise environments, the platform streamlines the development process by seamlessly integrating into the workflow, automating tedious tasks, and allowing software engineers to maintain the codebase with a single command.

On why we partnered with Recurse ML, our Partner Tom Wilson comments:

“Code maintenance is a huge challenge, particularly for large complex organisations. Recurse is on a mission to abstract away the mundane work involved in this area to free up software engineers to focus on more high value and rewarding work. We’ve loved every interaction with Jack and Armins from the first intro call onwards and very much looking forward to seeing them put their ambitious plans into action.”

We are excited to co-lead Recurse ML’s £2.5 million funding round alongside Playfair, with additional support from Ventures Together and angel investors.

Currently, in closed beta, Recurse ML is piloting with a number of large financial institutions. 

To learn more, sign up for early access, or check out their latest job openings, visit

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