Salesroom brings smart video to sales meetings with $8M in funding

Disrupted by the pandemic, the business world had to adapt and integrate various digital tools into their operations in record time. While the transition to a virtual and remote modus operandi has unlocked a new level of business productivity across multiple industries, it also led to significant challenges, particularly for sales professionals. 

Historically in-person meetings with customers were a cornerstone of many sales cycles, helping sellers build rapport, navigate challenging conversations, and quickly get to the core of customer issues. To be successful in the new hybrid and remote business world, salespeople need the best tools to fulfill their potential and close deals.

That’s why we are excited to back Salesroom, an intelligent video conferencing platform that facilitates exceptional virtual meetings between buyers and sellers. Salesroom enables salespeople to create deeper connections with their customers and prospects and accelerate the sales cycle, through personalized meeting experience, video highlights, instant AI-driven insights about buyer engagement, and built-in meeting plans and agendas.

Founded by Roy Solomon, founder of Applause, a leading App Quality platform acquired by Vista Equity, and Daria Danilina, Sales Executive at Dropbox and HSBC, Salesroom is the only video conferencing solution built from the ground up to help salespeople break through. The platform offers bespoke capabilities beyond generic conferencing products, including real-time transcription, personalized guidance, and speaker prompts. 

“Modern salespeople have increasingly relied on virtual tools to more effectively build trust and sell to their buyers, an evolution that was accelerated by the pandemic. What quickly became a necessity has now permanently changed how products and services are sold,” said Roy Solomon, co-founder, and CEO of Salesroom. “Current solutions fall short and fail to provide the opportunity for salespeople to build meaningful relationships with customers and gain trust. Salesroom helps teams go beyond the conventional sales playbook, with virtual tools built specifically to help them connect with their customers and make the sale.” 

Salesroom’s dynamic machine learning engine detects questions and next steps and analyzes each participant’s airtime to allow sellers and buyers to adjust communication in real-time and ensure a smoother, more thoughtful conversation. Following each call, Salesroom delivers shareable meeting highlight clips and automatic video recaps to inform and encourage future communication. 

On why we invested, our Managing Partner, Reshma Sohoni comments:

“Salesroom brings the human element, a prerequisite for successful deals closing, to virtual selling. Furthermore, it brings even richer features to online sales than offline sales. Daria and Roy have both the experience and the unique insights needed to deliver on their mission to help salespeople accelerate their sales cycle and break through in today’s extremely competitive business environment.”

We are excited to participate in Salesroom’s $8 million seed round led by Craft Ventures, together with Village Global, Wndrco, and Asymmetric Capital and exceptional angel investors and tech leaders including David Helgason (Co-founder of Unity), Vetri Vellore (Founder and CEO of, Kyle Parrish (VP Sales at Figma), Sean Marshall (SVP, Global Sales, Klaviyo) and Anthony Kennada (former CMO of our portfolio company Hopin). 

With the new funding, the company intends to scale its GTM operation, grow the management team, further develop its real-time video technology, and add new integrations in addition to connections with Salesforce, Gsuite, Slack, and Gong.

For more information and to try the product for free, go to

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