Seedcamp 2010 – One for the history books

Seedcamp Week 2010 was a whirlwind, as always. After four years we still are not used to the amount of activity, excitement, passion, inspiration, and camaraderie that gets packed in a few short days at UCL. Thanks again for having us! 

We want to congratulate all of the companies that participated in this year’s event. And none of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing network… mentors from all over the world, sponsors like Google, PayPal, UKTI, Atlas Venture, Eden Ventures, Orrick, TechHub, BaseKit, Codility, ERPLY, and Mobclix who donated their products and services, and a hard working Seedcamp team (which recently expanded by two!). It’s also nice to see Seedcamp and the entrepreneur ecosystem getting some attention in the media

The hardest part about Seedcamp Week is trying to narrow down the great group of companies to just a handful of winners – 12 to be exact. This year’s group includes a social shopping site that changes the way people interact with real-world products, a company that creatively combines online advertising and gaming, and a place where consumers can compare the best car finance options

The intersection of fashion and technology was a big trend as well – one of the winners provides sophisticated data and analysis for large fashion retailers and another helps aspiring designers start their own fashion label

We’re excited about a site that offers automated copy editing and another that makes comparing products much more simple. The class of 2010 also includes an easy to use way for experts to monetize their video content, a company doing some really interesting things with geo location data in the browser, and one that lets retail companies easily monitor competitors and benchmark their prices.


And finally, we’ve got a companies that are really technical: One has figured out how to take data from lots of different sources and make it available for developers to use in a structured, integrated way, another one allows the tenuous and error-prone software testing process to become that much more efficient and effective. 

The full list is below – if you didn’t have a chance to meet these companies at Seedcamp Week, please spend a little time getting to know them now. We are excited about this year’s crop of winners, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them. Most of all, we’re excited about the sheer amount of enthusiasm that we see among entrepreneurs we come in contact with – that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. 

Now is no time to slow down because there’s still a lot of work to be done. We are already focused on the next Mini Seedcamp events and hope to see you sometime during our travels. And for anyone in the Singapore area, we just extended the deadline to submit your application for that Mini Seedcamp event, so if you’re interested you now have until Tuesday. 

And the winners are…

  • Albia – (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina) An automated platform for software testing
  • EDITD (London, England) – providing fashion industry intelligence in real-time
  • Finance A Car (London, England) – reinventing car shopping and changing car ownership
  • Garmz (Vienna, Austria) – helping aspiring designers start their own fashion label
  • GIS Cloud (Zagreb, Croatia) – geo information systems through the broswer
  • Ineze (Tel Aviv, Israel) – simple product search
  • Nuji (London, England) – helping you share your favorite products and find new ones
  • Profitero (Dublin, Ireland) – competitor analysis for retail companies
  • Sparkeo (Tel Aviv, Israel) – helping experts monetize their video content
  • Trebax (London, England) – offering a creative approach mobile advertising and game development
  • Uberblic Labs (Berlin, Germany) – a service offering data integration
  • Wordy (Copenhagen, Demark) – providing automated copy editing services, making anyone a professional publisher

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