Seedcamp Budapest – Meet the Teams

This Thursday, we will be bringing over 70 of our best mentors together on the banks of the Danube to meet 20 of Europe’s top startups for Seedcamp Budapest. After a full day of presenting, mentoring and networking, the winners will be the first teams to join the Seedcamp class of 2013!

When our first Hungarian team, Antavo, joined us after Seedcamp Tel Aviv, we knew we had to pay attention to one of the hottest entrepreneurial cities in Central and Eastern Europe and host an event in Budapest. The response has been phenomenal; we received hundreds of excellent applications and had the very difficult task of selecting only twenty to attend the event. Out of the twenty selected, we are pleased to announce that five of the teams are from Budapest and will be presenting on home turf. As always, the others represent ten different countries from all over Europe and will be traveling to join us for the day in Hungary.

Please meet the twenty selected teams for Seedcamp Budapest and take a look at the great companies they are building:

  •, Treviso, Italy – combines writing and reading into a social, collaborative and interactive experience.
  • Algernon, Budapest, Hungary – recognizes people and their emotional and psychological characteristics based on their individual cursor movements.
  • BarBuddy, London, UK – Simple, Effective and Portable Bar Management Software in The Cloud.
  •, Bucharest, Romania – is an online tool for building and running loyalty programs that work.
  •, Budapest, Hungary –  provides 1-click website translation service with thousands of native speaking translators.
  • EduKoala, Poznan, Poland – is Zynga for Education, they are changing how next generations are learning at school.
  • Futurelytics, Ostrava, Czech Republic – help companies to gain 
more value from customers by using predictive analytics.
  • Gameleon, Bucharest, Romania – The platform to create and publish multi-platform games and monetize content.
  • HDRA, Budapest, Hungary – Reorganization of medical and scientific data to support research and personalized treatments.
  • Inventarium, Moscow, Russia – is a customer development tool for mobile companies.
  • Ma este Színház!, Budapest, Hungary  – Theatre Tonight offers last minute theatre and concert tickets: online, last day, half price.
  • MailMill, Budapest, Hungary – A new email experience. Your inbox is full of awesomeness. Let us show you.
  •, Shropshire, UK – B2B trading website for the food industry. Enabling businesses to trading in products and ingredients.
  • QR Promo,  Rijeka, Croatia – simple, innovative, easy to use, mobile loyalty reward software.
  • Railsonfire, Vienna, Austria – Hosted continuous integration and deployment platform for mobile and web applications.
  • Save The Mom, Brescia, Italy – is a web and mobile service that simplifies communications among family members.
  • Seedbit, Cluj Napoca, Romania  – makes the perfect match between awesome events and the best sponsors. Online, fast, easy.
  • twingz development, Sulz, Austria – makes thingz smarter. Users and thingz communicate in written and spoken language.
  • UseTogether, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Imagine eBay for sharing. Add an awesome community built around that and you’ve got us.
  • VetCloud, Nis, Serbia – is the first modern animal healthcare platform for veterinarians entering huge untapped global market.

Our gratitude goes out to our Event Sponsor, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, our Event Partner, the European Entrepreneurship Foundation and to Corvinus University for hosting us. We would also like to thank our yearly sponsors Google, Bizspark, Qualcomm, Paypal and Facebook for their on-going support.

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