Seedcamp calls on all startup talent to apply for Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen

Copenhagen has long been known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities on the planet, providing great quality of life to its citizens. It is also known as a regional centre of business and media and we are hoping to tap into the wealth of talent across Denmark and the rest of the Nordics when we visit this pretty city hub on 27th May 2010 for our first ever Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen, which is kindly being hosted by NorthCap Partners and supported by Rainmaking. The programme will be held at the uber cool premises of 5th Unit.

Last year saw us in Helsingborg, which was a great success and brought us face to face with quality teams across the region and beyond. We’re urging teams from Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Norway that are confident and ready to apply to Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen. Of course, our open door policy means that any team from anywhere can also apply.

Mini Seedcamp Copenhagen will connect 20 top quality, early stage web tech startups with over 50 regional and European esteemed, sought after and highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors and developers. Through an interactive panel discussion and informal 1:1 sessions, teams benefit from engaging with and listening to a variety of distinguished mentors and industry leaders from PR, HR, product development, business development, marketing to name but a few.

Mini Seedcamps provide the best way to have a chance at winning a spot as one of our top teams that receive investment in 2010 and to leverage the value the programme brings. As such we encourage startups to apply to any of the Mini Seedcamps that best match the timing and progress of your business.

Past winners have been blogging about the importance of attending a Mini Seedcamp and also what to expect from a Mentor Session, which gives a good insight into how the day is run and what to expect.

As always, we are looking for strong, quality startups that have the talent, drive and capacity to fully embrace the opportunities that participating in a Mini Seedcamp brings. Which is receiving quality advice from top industry leaders and start building those key relationships to help drive your business. Relationships that normally take years to build, you’ll have access to in one day. Mini Seedcamps are not a conference, but an entrepreneurial ecosystem of support and a program designed to strengthen and catapult your ideas into a viable business.

Check out our resources page that is full of advice and videos, blog posts, and follow us on Twitter , the hashtag for the event is #seedcampCPH, and Facebook to see what we’re looking for, what teams get out of it and what you can do to improve your chances in winning a spot on one of the most prestigious and rewarding web tech programs that is helping to drive and shape the European startup scene today.

You will gain invaluable insight and a solid foundation to help kick-start a viable business in Europe today. Not to mention being inspired by fellow entrepreneurs and a chance to broaden your scope within the European startup ecosystem.

Applications are now open and close at midnight on 13th May 2010. For full details, updates and how to apply go to the mini site.

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