Seedcamp finalists – 4 months later

Alexander from Facecontact, another Seedcamp 2007 participant, did some interesting traffic analysis on the Seedcamp 20. Below are his findings and takeaways. I would urge caution in overanalysing the results because several companies have yet to launch their products, 1 does not have a website yet, 2 are not consumer sites, and several others are revamping their companies post Seedcamp.

Four months have passed since the great Seedcamp event in September 2007. So we decided to make a comparison of the traffic data for the Seedcamp finalists to answer several questions: how they are doing today and what Seedcamp gave them in terms of traffic. We have used Alexa and Compete for that purpose.

Main results:

* Ten out of twenty Seedcamp finalists are in top 100,000 sites according to Alexa by the beginning of February 2008. Here they are sorted by current Alexa weekly traffic rank (Artflock , FaceContact, Buildersite, Tickex, Debatewise, Zemanta, Kublax, Tablefinder, RentMineOnline, Avenue7). The ranking above heavily depends on methodology, so please see more details for each company below to get better understanding and do your own analysis. Other Seedcamp finalists didn’t passed the “top 100,000″ barrier, however some of them have better Alexa rating than those who passed, but there are no more additional details for those sites.

* So far, there are no substantial differences between Seedcamp finalists and Seedcamp winners. Moreover, the two top positions are hold by companies, who were not selected as Seedcamp winners (Artflock and FaceContact ).

* We can see substantial spike of traffiс during Seedcamp event. Traffic surged around the time of the Seedcamp, but dropped back off to pre-Seedcamp levels. Seedcamp effect was at least 4-5 times less than Techcrunch 40 effect. 4 months later only 4 companies were able to reach comparable levels (Artflock , Buildersite , Tickex ) or even exceed them (FaceContact ).

* Through the geographical analysis of users we can separate those leaders in three groups:

o UK-focused companies: Artflock (UK – 49%, Germany – 17%, US – 8%), Buildersite (UK – 90%, Germany – 6%), Debatewise (UK – 96%, US – 6%).

o International-focused companies with leading US presence: FaceContact (US – 27%, UK – 13%, Spain – 9%), Kublax (US – 46%, UK – 17%, Singapore – 8%), RentMineOnline (US – 26%, UK – 21%, Spain – 13%).

o International-focused companies with leading European presence: Tickex (Romania – 37%, US – 28%, UK – 25%), Zemanta (Slovenia – 27%, UK – 18%, Germany – 15%), Tablefinder (Sweden – 32% , US – 22%, UK – 20%).

See detailed analysis for each company and more detailed tables on slides below

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