Seedcamp goes to Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

The organizers of Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin (CMP and O’Reilly) have invited Seedcamp to host a session on “Getting Started” from 1:30pm-4:30pm on Monday, November 5th. We’re excited to have this session in Germany as our first On the Road stop. Each national community is an integral part of Seedcamp and as such we look forward to meeting many start-ups and mentors from the local Germany community at Web 2.0 Expo.

When designing the session we thought through what would be most useful for the startups attending. We segmented the 3-hour session into 3 key pieces that model the experience of start-ups and mentors during Seedcamp Week.

In the first hour, we will have a panel session with Seedcamp Week participants to understand their experience in starting-up their companies and the key takeaways from developing their products and learning from mentors.

In the 2nd hour, we will hear from local mentors both about what they are doing in Germany/Europe to support start-ups and to address some basic topics on starting up. Panelists include Christophe Maire, Oliver Beste, Klaus Hommels, Lukasz Gadowski, Max Niederhofer, and Stefan Glaenzer.

In the final hour we will briefly discuss how Seedcamp works and applications for next year. We will end with what was one of the most valuable elements of Seedcamp Week , small group breakout discussions with the panelists and mentors. This is where you can get some direct feedback and advice so enjoy it! Mentors include Felix Peterson, Paul Jozefak, Stefan Tirtey, Eric Wahlforss, Fabian Hansmann, Olivier Schupebach, Gerald Heydenreich, Gayathri Radhakrishnan, Oren Michaels, and Bjoern Baehre.

So, if you haven’t signed up yet for Web 2.0 Expo please do so now using the promotional code MLUTBE05(this gives you €100 discount). We are dedicated to making it a very engaging and interactive 2-way session.

Also, come say hi to us. We look forward to meeting all the great new start-ups at the event.

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