Seedcamp Johannesburg

As we announced back in July, we are very excited to move beyond the European borders to find even more great startups and founders. Our first stop is Johannesburg, South Africa, and we will be holding the mini Seedcamp Johannesburg already next week.

Thanks to our local partners we have gotten a great response to our call for applications. We selected 11 teams to participate and we are looking forward to hear presentations from the following teams:
  • 10Layer: A feature-complete, competent and customisable open source content management system for publishers and media houses.
  • Cobi interactive: An incubator for developing mobile software ideas.
  • Cognician: The original thinking guide. A software application that automates complex intellectual tasks by asking you a range of intelligent, thought-provoking questions.
  • Cred: A micropayments and subscriptions service that allows you to monetise text, audio or video content.
  • Feeperfect: Feeperfect are building, and permitting anyone to build, quality SMS services people are willing to pay for.
  • FloCash: The first cross border Pan African payment network offering basic financial services to the un-banked masses.
  • GetaGreatBoss: We enable great managers to showcase their management strength in order to attract talent and boost their own careers.
  • Obami: A web-based communication and collaboration platform that’s been developed for use within, and between schools.
  • Offers secure, permanent online storage, management and sharing for legal & other important documents.
  • Thisarmy: Builds clean, simple & fun web apps.
  • Twangoo: South Africa’s premier group buying club uses the power of the web to create a platform for its members to access exclusive deals at restaurants, spas, lessons, sports facilities, events etc.
The event will take place at the impressive Gordon Institute for Business Science in Johannesburg and we have already lined up some great mentors to help the startups get to the next level. Amongst others, expect the country’s top venture capital firms, successful entrepreneurs, and representatives from large and small technology companies.

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