Seedcamp leads CRU Kafe £1.25M round

Wake up and smell the coffee – coffee pod maker CRU Kafe raises £1.25m


Organic and eco-friendly coffee company CRU Kafe has raised £1.25m in investment, with the funds to be used to continue its international growth, to launch new products and to build the management team.

We are proud to have led this round alongside other notable investors including luxury and fashion entrepreneur, and co-founder of Net-a-Porter, Carmen Busquets.

“We were attracted to CRU because they provide the perfect blend of founder market fit in a growing market and with a fantastic quality product,” Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp, commented. He added, “Consumers are increasingly seeking out high quality, ethically sourced products when it comes to food and beverages and CRU Kafe’s unwavering focus on producing the best tasting, ethically sourced, organic coffee is clearly resonating with their customers, as evidenced by their strong early revenue growth,”

Coffee consumption around the globe is undergoing a dramatic change, with consumers turning their back on instant coffee and instead drinking – and spending – record amounts on pod coffee and Cru’s sales reflect this; current volumes are at 500,000 capsules per month and CRU is exporting to international territories including Hong Kong, the Middle East, North America and the rest of Europe.

On the raise, CRU Kafe co-founder and CEO Colin Pyle commented, “At this stage of our business the names behind the cheques are so important in the future success of our business, and we are so fortunate to have such amazing experience on tap to guide our growth. Our foundation is in a great position and now it’s time to start adding weight in the form of new customers, products and territories.”

CRU will look to diversify its product range with money raised in this round. It already offers customers bean and ground coffee and is close to launching a fully compostable pod.

Compatible with all Nespresso machines, CRU is on track to be a real market leader and we are excited to see the brand develop with such a strong team at the helm.


Visit the CRU Kafe website to order your organic, ethically sourced capsules



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