Seedcamp London 2013 – Mentoring and Demo Day

Applications for Seedcamp London are officially open

Seedcamp Week 2012

Seedcamp Week 2012

On January 30/31 of 2013, Seedcamp London will be bigger than ever. Applications are already open and we hope to see the best internationally minded European companies applying. Deadline is January 8th, 2013.

As always, we are expecting London to be one of the biggest events of the year in terms of applications. As always, we are also looking forward to draw some of our best international mentors to London for our first Seedcamp in 2013 – which is why we are adding an additional day to the event.

January 30th & 31st

During Seedcamp Week 2012, we had some of the best mentoring sessions with people from product, marketing, and entrepreneurial backgrounds. The most positive feedback we get from startups is the praise for the actionable advice they get from mentorship from Europe’s best operators, with international representations from the likes of Spotify, Skype, Soundcloud, Google, and Facebook, and local heroes such as, Seatwave, Mind Candy, and Wonga. We want to focus our mentoring sessions at Seedcamp London on exactly that. That’s why the first day will be full of mentoring sessions with Europe’s best entrepreneurs, product and design folks, and marketers.

In the same spirit, we see a very strong uptick in interest  to meet our new and existing Seedcamp companies by the best European and international venture firms and mentors. This is why we have decided to add an additional day to our agenda for Seedcamp London to have new and existing companies have a chance to highlight their recent progress. We feel this will be more valuable for both entrepreneurs and investors, and drive some great interaction between the two groups. Stay tuned for Seedcamp London, January 30th & January 31st!

How can you get involved?

As an entrepreneur: Apply now and make sure you you are showing off your product, tell us why you’re the right team, and give efficient and thoughtful answers to all questions. Be mindful that the deadline is on January 8th. As an investor: If you haven’t been at a Seedcamp before, please register your interest here and we’ll be in touch.

We’re looking for a big year 2013, and can’t wait to kick it off with Seedcamp London!

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