Seedcamp Marketing Summit 2020, Day 2

On the 17th & 24th of September, we brought early-stage marketers from the Seedcamp Nation together for our first ever online edition of the Marketing Summit.

On Day 2, we delved into the hottest topics cropping up across our portfolio companies’ marketing teams. From building a community-based marketing strategy to converting PR into sales, it was another jam-packed day! Huge thanks to all the fantastic people who contributed to this virtual experience.

Many thanks to all who participated. This includes our portfolio founders Will Allen-Mersh (Partner @Spill), Anthony Rose (CEO @SeedLegals), and Steffen Hedebrandt (Co-founder @Dreamdata). Our keynote speakers: Chris Seigel (Senior Director, Direct to Consumer @Harrys), Sally Higgin (Marketing & Comms Director @Harrys), Darryl Sparey (Managing Director @Hard Numbers), Ashley Friedlein (CEO @Guild) and Kate Adams (Vice President of Marketing @Drift).

Day 2

This Much I Know · Seedcamp Marketing Summit 2020: Day 2

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Harry’s Chris Seigal and Sally Higgin on implementing brand tracking to launch & scale your brand

Chris and Sally have a proven track record in D2C launches and consumer centric, omni channel approaches to Marketing and Sales. They kicked off Day 2 of our Marketing Summit and tackled how to track you brand health, launch and scale your brand. Currently the Senior Director, Direct to Consumer and Marketing and Comms Director at Harry’s respectively, they shared their tips and tricks on monitoring your brand health. Listen in.

Will Allen-Mersh, Partner at Spill, discusses moving from entertaining marketing to useful marketing

“How do we still retain the part of marketing I love, like brand building, whilst also solving a problem for your customer?” – Will from portfolio company Spill asks the million-dollar question and talks us through his experiences of building out the brand and marketing department at Spill. Hear his thoughts here. 

Darryl Sparey, Co-Founder of Hard Numbers, on how to convert PR into Sales

“Don’t get stuck in the ‘awareness cul de sac’. Have a clear measurable objective for PR which links to an outcome that matters to your business” – Darryl discusses why it’s crucial to remember the reason you are generating awareness for your startup and measure your success with that in mind. Want to hear why? Listen in.

Anthony Rose, CEO of SeedLegals, on creating B2B content to fuel your marketing

“Content marketing is all about, in the early stages, appearing bigger than you are” – Anthony discusses how SeedLegals use their mantra of “Answer with an article” to fuel their content marketing. Hear more about it down below:

Steffen Hedebrandt of Dreamdata describes how he creates lead generation with content

“It’s all about finding a recipe that works, trying to repeat it, and then scale it” – Steffen and the team at Dreamdata use content marketing to drive traffic to their website. Listen to him walk us through his playbook on how to glean actionable insights from all your content: 

Ashley Friedlein, CEO of Guild, on Community-based marketing (CBM)

Ashley is author of two best-selling books on digital marketing: Modern Marketing Manifesto and Modern Marketing Model (M3). A columnist, commentator and blogger, he speaks worldwide on digital and marketing trends and best practice. Currently, he is the CEO of Guild, a private messaging app that has communities for professionals. He joins us to discuss why he thinks CBM is the next big play in B2B marketing: 

Kate Adams, VP Marketing of Drift, on the Great Marketing Reset

“I want us to think, my job is fundamentally not about creating MQLs. What I’m excited about is starting conversations with people on behalf of my organization” – Kate walks us through how she and the team at Drift have adapted to a world that is becoming increasingly digital: 

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