Seedcamp on the Road in America

Seedcamp’s European approach to seed funding doesn’t mean we solely focus our attention on EMEA. The US, in particular New York and Silicon Valley, are incredibly important places for our teams to have close relationships with as there is a concentration of investment, customers, partners, and maybe most importantly… the Silicon Valley mindset. Relationships need to be forged in these regions in order to build successful global companies.

It was in this spirit that we invited 13 of the 2010 winning and finalist Seedcamp teams out to New York and The Valley to take part in Seedcamp’s 2010 US trip.

To share with you the value in doing this trip let us share with you some of the thoughts written by the teams. The central message in all of them is the importance of having high quality, like-minded startups and experts constantly interacting and sharing with each other.

Emi from Brainient blogged about the density of startups in the bay area “Whenever I looked left, there was someone running an interesting startup.”, he also shared the ten business survival tips of Jonathan Klein (CEO of Getty Images) “7. Wrong decisions are OK. As long as you’re wrong really fast!”, and also lavishes some praise on Seedcamp “I’ve written about the Seedcamp Experience before, but if I were to summarize it in just three words, I’d say: YOU. NEED. IT.” Read More!

Platogo wrote about the quality of advice and wealth of useful tech events which take place in SV “We also took part at Startup2Startup, met Mike Arington from TechCrunch and had further mentoring sessions at First Round Capital. As for the whole trip – the advice was highly relevant for us and lots of great ideas popped up every time.”

In Shoutem’s summary they mention some of the mentors who took the time to meet with them at Seedcamp in The Valley “Pascal Finette from Mozilla angel investor Aka-Aki, Andrea Zurek Xg Ventures (Ex Google), Mark Jacobsen Alphatech Ventures, lately investor in FourSquare,… (and) Don Dodge.”

Joobili wrote about Seedcamping in America. Why use Seedcamp as a verb? They write “Seedcamp is not a product, a one-time experience, a conference, or a bunch of startups gathering for a week in London. If it were only these things it would deserve to be a boring old noun. But Seedcamp is a platform. It’s a launching point for really understanding your business and meeting the people and ideas that will help you grow (or maybe even help you know when to quit).” and thats how they managed to “get meetings with Founders and CEOs of 9 travel websites including some really dynamic entrepreneurs like Gregg Brockway from TripIt, Mike Cassidy from Ruba, Josh from NileGuide…the list goes on.”

So two weeks and over 10,000 miles later the Seedcamp teams have returned to Europe with a whole new set of cards for the rolodex which should help push them towards building excellent global companies.

Thanks to all the mentors, friends and companies who helped make this trip happen – especially Don Dodge from Google, Dave McClure, Union Square Ventures, Betaworks, Meetup, New York Tech Meetup, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Mozilla, First Round Capital, UKTI, Plug & Play Tech Centers, Jonathan Klein of Getty Images, Sandbox, and TechCrunch.

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