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On December 6th, we held 2011’s tenth and final Seedcamp event in Paris, kindly hosted by Orrick. This time around, we had 19 fantastic teams from 11 countries – including 6 from France taking part in the event. After an intense week, the full team has returned home to London. Here we share the highlights of the event with you and introduce the latest team to join the Seedcamp family!

Introducing a new family member Archivme takes care of invoicing and budgeting, and lead by a driven team we’re sure they’re going to rock 2012.

Masterclass Here at Seedcamp we’re experienced fans of Eventbrite, and use it ourselves to organise Seedcamp’s events. We were honoured to be joined by Renaud Visage, co-founder & CTO of Eventbrite, who gave an inspirational talk about building a multinational business while remaining in France, and the challenges that this approach created. It was especially interesting to hear about the different phases of the business, from starting off with only a handful of people to raising more than 80 million dollars.

Mentors We had some truly awesome mentors with us in Paris. We always ask teams to give feedback on the mentors they meet during the day – here are a few of the comments from Paris:

  • Frederic Lardieg: “Fantastic feedback, he was the only person who asked to test the product during the session. His focus really opened up the discussion and added great value to the business…thanks!”
  • Colette Ballou: “Great energy and helped us a lot, her input will save us a serious time and money, absolutely amazing.”
  • Florian Meissner: “Excellent input, challenging but also listened, he took the time to come back twice in the day with advice, totally awesome!”
  • Scott Sage: “Good mentoring, but even more important: he was actively talking to companies outside the sessions too. His passion is endless and progressed our thinking on a number of fronts.”

Le Camping and Startup Bus After a long and intensive day of mentoring and networking we were ready for beers and pizza! Le Camping hosted us in their awesome offices (located in the old Paris Stock Exchange). The beer flowed thanks to 360 Capital Partners, and the party went off with a bang. A number of old Seedcamp friends – in town for LeWeb – turned up, and later in the evening the Startup Bus stopped by. We created an impromptu panel and everyone listened to what the ‘Buspreneurs’ had been hacking on whilst touring Europe. Most of the presenters were still giddy from finally being on solid ground, nevertheless several pitched impressive startup ideas.

Finally, here’s some thoughts on the Seedcamp experience from a team’s perspective:

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