Seedcamp returns to the Big Apple – 10 July 2012

We have been huge fans of New York’s dynamic and thriving tech scene for some time now so it won’t come as a surprise to many that Seedcamp is venturing across the Atlantic again – this time to host Seedcamp New York on 10 July.

Last year’s inaugural event was a huge success; we saw the best of the best startups from Europe apply, all of which wanted to be part of the action across the pond. Seedcamp proved to be a perfect platform for this, offering international teams a day of face time with some of New York’s super mentors who have the knowledge, network and a wealth of experience in starting and growing hot startups. Seedcamp New York is also great for North American Teams wanting to expand into Europe and benefit from our huge network here.

Last Year’s Winners: As a result of the super high quality of teams selected we welcomed four out of the 20 to join the Seedcamp family. Each of them has shared their experience from the day itself and what Seedcamp’s impact has been since:

Patrick Hankinson – Compilr Seedcamp New York was a platform for us to make great key contacts from various angles of our business, we’ve even worked on a product with Google at one point as a result. Post the day itself, Seedcamp has kept us grounded in spite of our tendency to be all over the place. We have also achieved the following:

  • 100k users (as of today – w00t)
  • Beautiful new website
  • Users are 2x as engaged with our product, 4x as happier with the product, and 2x more people now recommend our product.

Alexander Dresen – Zingl Over the past year the Zingl team has made numerous iterations and pivots, most of which were inspired by the feedback we got from the Seedcamp mentors and fellow Seedcampers. Seedcamp is really instrumental in shaking up your ideas/visions so you extract what is really important. Being part of Seedcamp gave us access to a huge network and possibilities we didn’t have before. We just moved to San Francisco and will soon be launching in US.

Sanjeev Chhugani – Bilbus Seedcamp NY was exhausting, exhilarating and inspiring. Meeting entrepreneurs tackling different problems and with completely different perspectives was both refreshing and humbling. We learned how critical messaging is, and how quickly one can lose the audience, whether it’s 1 person or 50. Since becoming a Seedcamp company, we have focused more on product and design, moving from prototype to beta with a new team. Being able to interact with the startup community in Europe and the US gave us the opportunity to bounce ideas off some very talented people and make some excellent connections.  Having a cadre of fellow entrepreneurs we can share war stories with is also quite helpful while trying to navigate the early days of traction, investment and eventually, growth. Bilbus is now in beta with a growing commercial lender base, two accounting platforms connected and live invoices and financing requests flowing through the working capital hub.

Dalia Lasaite – Campalyst Seedcamp New York had a huge impact on Campalyst. During this event we received our first investment from Seedcamp and met our seed round investors HENQ. We also received tons of excellent feedback from mentors from advertising, tech, and the social networks themselves – and we continue to work with some of these mentors to date in advisory roles. Seedcamp New York also helped us learn about the New York market, get the first connections there – and ultimately choose New York as a base for our startup.

Fantastic Sponsors: Our sponsors Google have once again offered to host us at their offices and will no doubt follow their usual great hosting style of supplying us with great space, expert mentors, copious amount of food and a great premise for post-event networking. 10gen; Commercial Support, Training, and Services for the NoSQL Database MongoDB are our generous Event Sponsors who help make all of this possible.

Who should Apply: If you are a European technology startup looking to meet the creme de la creme of the New York tech scene as mentors, or an North American based team looking to build bridges to Europe, this is the right event for you – apply now and let us know about your company. We are looking for innovative internet tech, software, media, and mobile focused businesses, great teams with awesome founders, and slick products that add real value.

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