Seedcamp Week 2012, Founders’ Day Recap

Founders’ Day 2012 was focused on learning from Europe’s best entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses, scaled their teams, and live their lives in the tumultuous world of startups. We kicked off the day with team presentations, followed a great masterclass Session by Ed Spiegel, the founder of RentMineOnline from his participation in Seedcamp to a recent Exit. The morning was concluded with a set of mentoring sessions during which teams spent time with Europe’s most successful founders.

The afternoon began with a master class by Seedcamp favourite Dave McClure of 500startups, who shared his views on how startups can and should build a brand. A session with many laughs and gasps at Dave’s signature style (not always 100% pc), it got mentors and teams fired up alike.

After another set of mentoring sessions, Errol Damelin talked about the Wonga story, and was particularly open about how the company is building its talent pool, and how culture and branding are important even to early stage startups. Watch the video of the day to get an idea of the buzz all around:


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