Seedcamp Week 2012 – Product Day Recap

Product Day 2012 was focused on understanding the user experience of the individual customers. We kicked off the day with team presentations, followed by an introduction to user led design hosted by the IDEO team. The morning was concluded with a set of mentoring sessions during which teams spent time with Europe’s most coveted product experts.

The afternoon kicked off with a master class session ran by Ciaran Rooney of Skimlinks, who shared his insights on building Skimlinks to scale: today, more than 14 billion API calls are served per month. Des Traynor of Intercom introduced smart ways of measuring and understanding users and customers, focussing on new types of metrics.

After another set of mentoring sessions, Christian Hernandez of Facebook introduced ways to use the social graph for viral growth, followed by Cat Mallet of, and Mat Clayton of Mixcloud, who shared their respective views on using Facebook products to drive traffic and engagement.

Here’s a rough video cut of what the first Day of Seedcamp Week 2012 looked like:

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