Seedcamp Week Berlin Applications Are Now Open

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures speaking at Seedcamp Week Berlin (Dec ’14)

  • Seedcamp Week Berlin will take place on 11th-13th May 2015
  • Applications open on Thursday 19th February 2015
  • Applications close on Sunday 19th April 2015

Are you an ambitious European startup working on a disruptive and globally-scaleable idea? If so, we’d love to invite you Seedcamp Week Berlin to spend three days with our team and our network of mentors. Apply here for the chance to join us.

Seedcamp Week is primarily about assessing whether your startup is ready to join Seedcamp. If it is, you’ll receive our investment. But that’s just the start of your journey… you’ll have access to our learning Academy, one-to-one sessions with our mentors, and a vast network of contacts at your fingertips. And you’ll have it for life – we’re here to support you through every phase of your journey, from prototype to IPO.

That said, Seedcamp Week can be an incredible opportunity for any startup…

What happens at Seedcamp Week

Investment: One of the key reasons startups attend Seedcamp Week is for the opportunity of receiving Seedcamp investment (take a look at last year’s Berlin investments here). But while that investment will undoubtedly benefit your startup, Seedcamp Week is about so much more…

Mentoring: We’ve invited over 100 Seedcamp Mentors from across Europe to join us in Berlin. The mentors all have vast experience in areas across Product, UX, Sales, Marketing, and other areas. Many are investors, so you’ll also meet some of Europe’s top Angels and VCs – good connections to have! They’re at Seedcamp Week to help address any questions you may have about your startup. Many relationships have been formed in the past, leading to some mentors becoming investors and even the COO of previous Seedcamp Week startups!

Networking: There will be plenty of opportunity to meet and talk with all the mentors and investors at Seedcamp Week. You’ll be able to speak to them throughout the day as well as at our evening parties.

Masterclass: Learn from the best. At previous Seedcamp Week’s we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Innocent Drinks founder Richard Reed, Union Square Ventures Partner Fred Wilson, Just East CMO Mat Braddy, founder Richard Moross, and Divide co-founder Alex Trewby (to name a few!) This year’s Seedcamp Week Berlin will be no different – we’ll be announcing our special guest shortly.

Are you ready?

  1. You should have already built or validated your prototype – Are you building something people actually want to use? Have you received any indication that your users are willing to pay to use your product or service?
  2. Your product or service must be globally scaleable – Can you launch your product in a new country without heavy up-front investment? Is your product solving a universally-recognised problem?
  3. You should be operating in a large and (preferably) growing market – Is there a big enough market to sustain your growth for the years ahead? Is the market large enough to support multiple competitors?
  4. Your team should have the relevant expertise – Do you have the relevant connections to secure your first customers or partners? Has your CTO worked on a similar product before? Are you working to solve a problem that you’ve personally faced and can relate to?
  5. Your founders should have a positive attitude – Do you have the resolve to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes? Do you see challenges as opportunities to excel? Are you ready and ambitious enough to make the very most of the Seedcamp experience?

How to apply

Take a look at our application guide and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what we’re looking for, what teams get out of the experience, and what you can do to improve your chances to win a spot at one of the most prestigious and rewarding tech startup events in Europe.

Taking the time to fill out the application comprehensively is key, and clearly communicating your idea and the strengths of your team is really important for consideration.

When you’re ready, click here to apply for Seedcamp Week Berlin. Good luck!

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