Seedcamp Week London – Applications now open

This is an outdated article from 2014.

As the summer months are fast approaching it’s high time we update you on our plans for Seedcamp Week London taking place 8th – 11th September. Seedcamp Week London is an action packed 4 days were 20 of Europe’s best startups get to meet over 300 of our top tier, ace mentors.

As of today applications no longer open. So, if you’re a startup looking to disrupt the status quo and have bags full of talent, energy and determination, topped up with a huge vision, be sure to apply. Since 2007 we’ve invested in over 120 fantastic startups from across the globe and we’re passionate to hear more about what you’re building and hopefully work together on scaling and growing your startup.

What Is Seedcamp Week Really Like?

Attending a Seedcamp Week is an unique experience: nowhere else will you find the best minds coming together to help you accelerate your business. Here is what some of our founders and past finalist have to say about the whirlwind week:

“Seedcamp Week was a brilliant opportunity to drive the rough explanation of peer to peer money transfer into a compelling pitch of why the world will be different after TransferWise. Inspired by the other founders and speakers, it gave us the needed boost to double down on the early disruptive idea and scale it into the business that has turned over £1 billion today.”

“Seedcamp Week was a turning point in our lives both professionally and personally. Seedcamp gave us our very first funding to pursue BRANDiD when no one else cared. Seedcamp Week taught us how to pitch and build a product that people wanted. On the last day of Seedcamp Week we found our first angel, which led to our first round of funding. A year later, we’re pushing over $100k in sales and growing by 30% every quarter. If it weren’t for that very first chain of events, BRANDiD would not exist today. We owe everything to them.”

“It was a pawsome week where we met with great mentors, were inspired by other start-up companies and made valuable connections with potential investors. The Seedcamp family is absolutely wonderful and is such a big help to any start-up.”

“Wow I’ve made so many friends at the Seedcamp Week London. The best friends ever, they are smart, passionate and inspiring. Thanks to all of them we are now developing our product in the epicenter of the skateboarding world: LA, California. Take your chance, apply to Seedcamp!’

“We are extremely thankful for the chance to participate in the event and definitely recommend this to all start-ups looking for either top of the line feedback or some funding. Full experience here

What does Seedcamp Week entail? Seedcamp Week consists of 4 days, with each day focusing on a key topic: Founders, Product and Investors. We host 4 Seedcamp Weeks a year and use the event as our platform to decide who will be the next teams to join the Seedcamp Family. This is the last one taking place in London for 2014, so don’t miss your opportunity and apply now.

What does it mean to be part of the Seedcamp Family? For the teams who end up joining the Seedcamp Family, Seedcamp Week is just a starting point. From there on you can expect to enrol in our Seedcamp Academy Programme, designed to help founders reach product market fit and scale faster and smarter. You’ll also have the opportunity to put your startup on the map in the US by participating in our US road trip, get 3 months free office space at the awesome Campus building in the heart of Silicon Roundabout and benefit from our Founders Sponsor Pack worth over £200K. And of course, it means being a part of the Seedcamp Family, joining a 120+ founders strong peer group who share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

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