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How should I prepare?
There really isn’t anything you need to prepare beforehand. Just make sure to bring your own laptop to the event and any other materials you think would be helpful for you.

But I already have an idea!

If you already have a recent idea for a startup you’d like to bring to the table, that’s great. Be ready to share your idea openly so that others can choose to join you in a group to work together. Bring any materials that would be helpful in explaining it, such as a presentation or mockups.

BUT: please be open to alterations, pivots, and any other changes to your original idea, as this is what the open form of the event is all about.

Can I just attend?

Well, we’d love to have as many people attend, but unfortunately space is very limited. As such, we will be accommodating signups on a first-come-first-serve basis. If we can’t accommodate you, we will let you know over email as we approach the date.

In addition, we will have to make sure to have the right ratio of developers, designers, and business folks there to enable startups to be formed. We will try and make sure to enable as much participation as possible, of course.

I don’t have any tech skills, can I still join a team?

We don’t expect everyone to be on the development side, but be aware that you may not necessarily have a guaranteed place within a group either. Ultimately each group will decide what skills they need.

Where can I work from? Can I work from home over the weekend?

You can work from anywhere, but you’d miss out on half the fun if you weren’t at the venue. Plus, there’s Pizza. Everybody loves Pizza.

What if I don’t come up with an idea?

If by Friday evening you haven’t come up with an idea to pitch, you are more than welcome to join another group that is looking for help.

What if I don’t manage to join a group on Friday?

If you neither have an idea to pitch to others, nor you manage to join another group to help with their idea, you can either work alone on an another idea that you may come up with the next day or you can always donate your time to Charity Hack which takes place not too far away in Richmond.

If I can’t make it to this Seedhack, can you let me know about the next one?

We will be announcing future Seedhack events across many channels so its unlikely you will miss an announcement. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and to keep an eye out on our blog, too.

What if I want to pitch my current Company’s idea?

The idea behind Seedhack is to create new companies. As such, we are looking for people to come up with ideas over the weekend, rather than pitching an existing company’s idea (unless you really only came up with it relatively recently and want to share it with others).

As noted above – be ready to tweak, pivot, and change your idea over the course of the weekend, too.

What if I’m already employed but just want to come to hack?

We would prefer that you didn’t unless your company was really cool with you creating a startup and leaving them.

What if I want to present my Company’s API to the community?

That’s great – get in touch with us about what you would like to pitch and please have an API engineer available throughout the weekend. You can reach us on our website:

or twitter via:

@seedcamp @sc_seedhack

What if I want to come to Seedhack to hire developers?

Seedhack’s not the place for that. Please go to Silicon Milk Roundabout instead because it’s an awesome forum for just that.

What if I am turned away at the door or via email because of capacity?

We will be having a first come first serve selection and will make sure to get the right mix of people in the room.

Do I have to pay anything?

Not as of now. Our generous sponsors are taking care of all the costs. Say thanks when you see them!

Am I going to get fed?

It’s no gourmet. We should have snacks though (pizza).

How good is the internet connection?

Our hope is that it is good enough for anything short of everyone streaming videos at the same time. Please leave your torrents at home.

If we come up with something over the weekend, who owns it?

The team members do. It’s all up to you what you will do with ownership, etc, but to make it easier, we will have some suggestions for documents that will make sure everyone is rewarded fairly.

Is there a Seedcamp investment for the winners?

Nope. This event is just to get your company off the ground and running.

Is there any kind of award for the winners?

Other than recognition from your peers, no – but if you build a company out of the idea, the world is yours.

Can I bring friends?

If they can participate, sure they can sign up themselves as well, but not just to observe.

Can we come as a group?

See above.

Will my idea be treated confidentially?

It’ll be very hard for your idea to be treated confidentially as you will be discussing it with your other group members, mentors, and API owners. Everyone is there to build great things so professional etiquette is observed.

Can I take a shower?

Yes and no. Yes you can take a shower, no, not at  the venue.

Can I sleep over?

The venue will be open 24 hours, so if you want to hack around the clock Bill Haley style, feel free!

What else should I do?

Tell others about it, tweet, blog about your idea, get early feedback, find out who else is coming… and if you’re really adventurous, go ahead and see who the API partners are to get thinking about the possibilities.

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