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  • What: Seedhack FinTech
  • Where: Central London
  • When: Last weekend of March

Six months ago, we had our very first Seedhack event. The idea was simple, what if we could combine top-notch hackers with leaders from different companies? What if we could bring talented developers from all over Europe to create innovative solutions for organizations or sectors that desperately need them? Could this format help foster great new startups that address untapped needs? Well, we tried it, and it did… read about it here.

Seedhack FinTech

We are now getting ready to release the next version of Seedhack with new features and a new focus: Financial Technology. We expect to be blown away by the awesome ideas and solutions hacked together for the Financial industry.

We have a great set of relevant speakers, API’s and startups including:

More big names will be announced in the run up to the event, and we’re really excited about working with our event partners – both current and future – to bring something new and interesting to the FinTech space.

How do I get involved?

So if you want to be a part of disrupting the Financial technology, please register here.

What and Where?

The event will take place at a location in central London. The schedule of events will be further clarified at a later date, however the rough outline is as follows:

  • Thursday 29th March: in the evening we will have a social get together for hackers to meet before the event
  • Friday 30th March: Seedhack will start with a talk, API presentations and then team formation. Once teams have been formed for the evening, everyone is free to stay and work on their idea for the Sunday presentations.
  • Saturday 31st March : mentors will be around to answer business and API related questions. In the evening we’ll have the business plan pitches.
  • Sunday 1st April: will be our presentation event where all companies will showcase their efforts.

Who Should Apply?

The purpose of Seedhack FinTech is to create disruptive solutions to problems that exist in the Financial sector. As such, if you are an idea person, a developer, or have some skillset that is useful for a new company, then you should apply!

Please note however that this isn’t an event designed to cater to startups wanting to hire developers, please go to our friends at the Silicon Milk Roundabout for that. Additionally, if you are already employed, but want to start a new company anyway, make sure that you are not bound by any non-compete or other intellectual property limitations.

We look forward to see you there, register now!

Seedhack FAQ

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