seedhack v1.0 changelog


This past weekend, 100+ hackers descended upon the London Business School campus to take part in our first ever Seedhack.

We launched Seedhack to stimulate entrepreneurship, by bringing company leaders to talk about problems plaguing their industry as a whole or their company’s value chain in particular. The idea was to catalyze company creation and thinking about how hackers could come up with cool solutions to problems that had yet to be tackled; by combining both industry and API speakers, our hope was that this would ‘spark’ everyone’s creativity regardless of which idea they ultimately decided to pursue.

On Friday, we started the evening with API talks from:

And then followed by Industry Talks from:

Healthcare –

Big Data –

After the talks, hackers joined teams around ideas. In total, we had 48 new ideas for potential businesses. Saturday was a day of hard work, and with some teams staying up into the early hours of Saturday morning, the smell of caffeine was pervasive!We had a Lean methodology workshop led by Nik Graf ( and Lukas Fittl (Efficient Cloud) and later in the day we had Product Mentoring from Simon Cast (PeerIndex), Janna Bastow (Brave New Talent), Geoff Watts (Editd), Robin Zaragoza (eBay), Kate Leto (Moo), and Russell Smith (10Gen). Fueled by ample amounts of Pizza, many teams then worked through the second night of the hackathon.
| By Sunday, we had several teams that were ready with fully functional product, while others had pivoted several times, but were making progress with their new ideas. By 3pm, all teams were ready to present, and we were truly blown away by what everyone was able to accomplish during the weekend’s time. We’ve included a list of the companies that presented below, but what has really made us feel that we are headed in the right direction, was the feedback we received. We look forward to preparing v2.0 soon both with the positive and the constructive feedback we’ve received so we can make it even better! |

“Great weekend at #seedhack with @brunopanara, @dhs and the rest of the team – very good experience” – @petenixey

“@richarddstubbs really enjoyed your presentation at #seedhack on Friday. Great insight into some of the business challenges that you face.” – @ballantine70

“It truly was a blast! RT @ukd1: #seedhack class of 2011” – @lfittl

“I can officially say, in my experience, #seedhack rocks! Had an awesome weekend! Massive thanks to everyone who helped, attended & organised” – @farhan

“#seedhack was probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done in the uk – next to showering and sleeping – cheers guys” – @rjzzleep

“just finishing up the whole #seedhack experience, it was beyond anything I could have expected 🙂 @seedcamp FTW!” – @wildemorgan

| These were the companies that presented (by order of presentation):


Kontank is group email knowledge. It allows people to discover what’s already been said on email, and to gain access to knowledge otherwise tied up in individual inboxes.



Rafał Bromirski – @paranoida

Błażej Kosmowski – @stevo84

Michał Czyż – @cs3b

Simon Jackson – @saimeng

Project “Overseer” is designed to solve the problem that SME professional services and consulting companies in not being able to quickly and easily aggregate, process and analyse the management data they need to understand the profitability of their businesses. Overseer interfaces with their accounting systems and workflow and time-tracking systems and creates a series of interactive dashboards for each level of the company – MD, partners, project managers – that provide clear and intuitive metrics to aid better decision-making.


Thomas Paulmichl – @fix4everything

Michaela Wood – @t3chforchange

Jose Castro

Reza Jelveh – @rjzzleep

Credstream provides real time credit risk scoring of corporates based on analysing the real time web. This enables financial institutions as well as corporates to monitor their debtors from a credit risk perspective, allowing them to react faster on credit risk deterioration than traditionally possible.



Alan Hodes – @alanhodes

Gerald Speers – @gerald_speers

Tribeshot sends an automated telephone call (in any language) reminding someone of a healthcare-related appointment and requiring a keypad-based reply. Replies are logged on a web interface and any “No’s” or “Maybe’s” trigger an email and/or SMS notification to the appointments clerk. The aim is to help reduce costs associated with missed appointments in the healthcare system.



Pedro Marques – @SmoothMarx

A social calendar that makes it easy to see when your friends are free, and then meet up with them in real life.



Gabriel Pickard – @werg

Reza Jelveh – @rjzzleep

Jay Ahmed – @j_unlocKing

Evgeny Sitnikov – @evgeny

High-profile figures online receive way too much email to process. Imagine Fred Wilson’s inbox each morning. At some point, dealing with all the incoming email becomes an uphill battle, and the people and ideas that Fred would actually be interested in hearing about become obscured. MailMe aims to reverse this process, by getting would-be contacters to wager that Fred would be interested in the message. If he isn’t, then they lose the wager, and the money goes to charity.



Peter Nixey – @petenixey

Directions to your events, directly in your calendar.



Umberto Prandi – @UmbertoPrandi

Joris Van den Broeck – @jvandenbroeck

Deepak Jhamb – @deepakjhamb

Samir Bhana – @samba2804

Robert Kyle – @robtheforager

Trung Huynh – @trunghlt

Our unique value proposition will be a buy/sell recomendation based on a proprietary algorithm that seamlessy integrates classic technical analysis with sentimental analysis based on data generated form social networks.


Opportunity Dashboard:

Morgan Wilde – @wildemorgan

Opportunity Dashboard surfaces relevant moneymaking opportunities.

Farhan Rehman – @farhan

Florian Rathgeber – @frathgeber

Simon Funke – @SimonFunke

Atif Paracha

Alex Nechoroskovas @AlexNecho

We are a social addressbook.  Ideal for people who want to share their contact details with a mutual group of friends/family.
For the pictures of the event go here.
And a very big thank you to our Sponsors!


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