Seeding ideas Round 2

As the application process enters its final 3 weeks, we thought it was time for a 2nd post on a few more ideas we’d like to see entrepreneurs tackling.

Advertising performance – Better tracking systems for ad performance, enabling proper attribution of value to the contributions of different ads seen at different points on the customer journey towards purchase. On whichever side of the online ad market you look at, this would be much better than the current last cookie wins solution

Targeting systems – whether it’s behavioral, semantic, heat sensing, or the like… less obtrusive but generally more effective targeting systems for ads. We’ve seen the great success of Targeting 1.0 and with more conversations and data opening up through social media or more open systems, I have to believe these trends can be leveraged across improved targeting systems

Lead generation for high value services – lead generation can often be quite lucrative and can get quickly to significant revenues with little capital requirement. The key here is obvious but important that these are truly high value services and the lead is highly relevant, measurable, and effective

Solutions for SMEs – there are thousands of small businesses across Europe that are underserved now and the unique nature of doing business in each country in Europe makes it particularly attractive for a company to develop localized products they can then expand throughout their region. While we are looking for globally targeted ideas, we’d like to see more entrepreneurs taking on the challenge of localizing to fit the particular market needs

Productivity apps – In these times when old style businesses are trying to improve productivity and reduce costs, we’d like to see more applications addressing their needs. These could be concentrated in a very specific vertical where the methods of doing things are outdated, inefficient or very costly – or more generally aimed. What we need to see more of is not just tech or geek tools but tools that can be used in the real world

Again, these are a few thoughts we’ve been ruminating over here this summer at Seedcamp. But if you are working on some of these areas or other sectors where you see a lot of opportunity emerging, maybe 3 weeks is just enough time to submit that application!

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