Seeding Talent with SeedCamp

Guest post from Mattias Ljungman at Atomico:

We’ve been privileged to be involved with SeedCamp right from its early stages, when Saul’s ideas around the initiative were still in their embryonic stage. Our early discussions revolving around how we can strengthen the European entrepreneurial ecosystem have crystallised into the creation of SeedCamp, an initiative that aims to assist budding entrepreneurs in Europe.

The idea is to support young entrepreneurs who show immense promise and vision, and who have the ability to build the next Google, Skype or Ebay. At a week-long SeedCamp, they will be immersed in an environment offering first-hand experience, knowledge and best practice, as well as initial funding, resulting in a well-rounded skill set that accelerates their chances to build world-class companies.

For SeedCamp to be successful, we believe the broader the involvement of all parties making up the current ecosystem, the better. That’s why we want current entrepreneurs, lawyers, web designers, recruiters and investors to participate in any way they can. In essence, it’s all about bringing together people who want to be part of shaping and improving Europe’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We’re extremely excited about SeedCamp and believe this is one of the initiatives that will transform budding entrepreneurship in Europe.

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