Campus is celebrating its one year anniversary and the celebrations will be ongoing throughout the whole of April. As part of the celebrations all Campus Partners will be organizing events to showcase their work for those in and around London who still don’t know what happens at 4-5 Bonhill Street or who are curious to learn more.

We’re very proud to call Campus home and are eager to show the wider startup community who we are and what we’re up to. On the 18th of April, Seedcamp is taking part in the many activities included in the celebrations and we’re bringing a taste of our bread and butter to residents and the wider startup community, with SeedPeek.

First up, Carlos Espinal, Seedcamp Partner, will have an informal chat with the founders of two Seedcamp teams that climbed their way to Seedcamp HQ on Campus’ fourth floor. Subscrib and Planvine, both startups were “Made in Campus” and grow from the ecosystem that is being built here. Subscrib’s founders met at Central Working in the basement back in September and Planvine moved to Techhub the day that Campus opened. Both these teams joined the Seedcamp family after winning Seedcamp Week London back in January and they’ll be sharing their stories and experiences.

After that we’ll be hearing from another success story, this time an outcome from our other endeavours at Campus: Seedhack. The winners of the last edition of our very own hackathon, Relist, will be here to talk about how they went from a weekend of full-on coding and brainstorming at Seedhack, to an actual startup. They still work downstairs at Central Working everyday. Since they got a wildcard at Seedhack for our next Seedcamp Week in Berlin they now eager to show us their progress and how they’ve evolved.

Finally we’ll be joined by the founders of a company that went through the Seedcamp program back in Seedcamp’s first years. They’ll be able to share their success story and how Seedcamp was a key stepping stone in their journey to success.

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