Startup events in Europe in October

Seedcamp wrapped up over 2 weeks ago and we are now in the middle of helping the Seedcamp 7 ramp up their businesses over the next 3 months. A lot is being thrown at them. They’ll have to focus and work extremely hard. We’ll twitter about the key takeaways from the various events, dinners, etc.

On another note, the Sept-Dec time-frame is always busy and this year is no exception. The European tech community has organized several good events to help the start-up ecosystem grow and succeed in the coming times.

FOWA is next week on the 9th and 10th. There are a variety of topics, all of which talk about taking web applications to the next level, from enterprise to cloud computing, and talking about scaling apps. Another good event is Blogcamp CEE 2008 October 17-20th which focuses on new media and online start-ups. For those making the trip to Kyiv, it’s a great chance to explore CEE internet markets. Up to 80 sessions delivered in 5 parallel agenda tracks will provide an exhaustive description of Eastern European online scene. Towards the end of October, the 21st-23rd, we’ll be returning to the Web 2.0 Expo which is the definitive gathering in Europe for anyone interested in Web 2.0 technologies and their increasing prevalence in the lives and work of the broader consumer and enterprises.

And that’s just October. As always, do come say hi to us at FOWA and Web 2.0! Look forward to seeing many of you again.

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