State of European startups and funding

Saul was just speaking at the Web 2.0 Conferencein Berlin today on the topic of today’s state of European startups and funding.

I recently sent a note to all the Seedcamp companies urging calm and patience in light of volatile market conditions. Saul gave similar advice and thought I would put it below as well

Main points I’d like to reiterate are: My top 3 tips for doing that 1) Focus, focus, focus and don’t let the volatility distract you. Focus on product development and your vision of the problems you are trying to solve

2) Have a legitimate plan of how you are going to bring in Revenue and how quickly you can get to break-even

3) Continue to work hard. It’s a 24-7 game as we know. Reach out to mentors, advisors, everyone you believe can help. Worst someone can say is No!

Good luck and keep growing!

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