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Andy Budd

Venture Partner

I’m a design leader, agency founder, advisor and coach. I’ve been interested in the role design can play in the venture space for a very long time, so am excited to join Seedcamp as a Venture Partner.

As a design and product person, I help founders navigate their early product decisions: how to understand user needs, figure out which features to build, and achieve product-market fit. I also help with the design and product management process, essentially helping founders build the machine that builds the product.

Having a great product is an important first step, but it means nothing without customers. As such I’m particularly interested in the field of Growth Design and Product led Growth. Essentially how founders can use a design-centric approach to grow and scale their customer base by understanding human behaviour, viral loops and network effects.

Of course, great companies aren't built from product alone, so as a former MD I really enjoy the company building side of things.  I’m especially interested in building high-performing teams, creating positive cultures, and implementing “just enough process” for success.

Great companies are also a collection of great people, so from a coaching perspective, I’m really interested in helping people become better decision-makers, better communicators, and better people managers. Being a start-up founder is hard, and can feel quite isolating at times, so I’m also interested in helping founders build resilience and avoid burnout.

From an investing perspective, I have a broad area of interest (SaaS, fintech, e-commerce and marketplaces to name a few). However, I’m especially interested in meeting founders with a strong belief in the power of design.

Outside work (and global pandemics) I love exploring new environments, whether it’s the bars and restaurants of Tokyo, the underwater cave systems of Mexico, the skies above the UK, or the countryside around my beloved hometown of Brighton.