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Guisela Figueredo

Legal Operations Analyst

I joined Seedcamp in December 2022 as a Legal Operations Analyst to support the investment team in delivering the best experience for founders while working on the legal aspects of a deal. My day-to-day activities include companies' due diligence, cap table and investment documents review, and the systematisation of the legal and finance workflows.

I have prior experience in law firms, in-house legal departments, and as legal services outsourcing provider. Before joining an MBA program at the University of Edinburgh (2021-2022), my last role was as Operations Manager and Senior Consultant at Capgemini, where I spent five years leading a team performing contract management and digital transformation of the contracting process.

Originally from the beautiful country of Guatemala, I grew up practicing karate and dreaming of my next cup of coffee. When I'm not busy hustling through cap tables and investment deals, you can find me curled up with a good book - from economics and historical novels to spy fiction or the story of my favorite wizards at Hogwarts. I also have a soft spot for animals and love traveling to explore new cultures and cuisines, but nothing gets me going like sharing a meal and having a good laugh with friends and family.