Joe Cross

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Marketing & Growth EIR

I'm Joe, early-stage investor, advisor and Seedcamp EIR for all things marketing, growth, brand and comms.

I've spent my career working for online businesses in marketing and management roles, and in 2012 I took the early-stage plunge, becoming employee #12 at TransferWise. 8 years later I decided to step away from what we'd grown into a $Bs company, with a team of 2,500 people and millions of happy customers all across the globe.

I looked after marketing in the first years of our growth, scaling up our marketing team, fueling the viral growth engine, and generally making as much noise about our mission as humanly possible. I then moved to NYC in 2015 to head up the launch of TransferWise in the US as GM. With a team of around 100 people established in the US, I returned to London in 2017 to help lead our marketing efforts globally at greater scale, leading teams and activity across dozens of countries, with a focus on brand, comms, product marketing, CRM and go-to-market.

As a member of our leadership team throughout the journey, I spent many hours, days and weeks thinking about our culture, codifying it, scaling it. About how to hire better, how to structure and inspire teams, and about all the other inner-workings of the rocketship.

I'm super excited to pass all these learnings on to the next wave of disrupters, and to continue my own learning; how to be a better advisor, better investor and great partner to great founders. Although I'm interested in a whole range of sectors and contexts, it's safe to say my excitement will always skew towards consumer brands looking to pick a fight with the status quo.