Lily Chang

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People & Culture

I’m a people-oriented strategic operator and product enthusiast. I’ve been fortunate to work in a series of functional roles across a span of industries – at the heart of it all, I like to formulate plans for growth, organize chaos and solve interesting challenges.

As Hopin’s Chief of Staff from Series A to D, I helped grow the team from 140-400 as the Interim VP People, formed the exec and broader senior leadership team(s), & maintained the drumbeat of our goal-setting framework. I helped lay cultural foundations of our remote-but-connected employee experience whilst heading up our Vibe team. Prior to Hopin, I worked in Strategy, Product and as CoS to the President of Expedia’s B2B travel business. I also spent some time in the art world at Christie’s in strategy, finance and operations, and started my career in reinsurance as an analyst and sales associate.

I live in Highbury, London with my family but I grew up in the Bay Area, California and am constantly chasing the sun via my travels.